Totally revised, updated, new topics, more sections, more explanations, more illustrations, more photos, more solved problems and worked examples, more home work problems, more practical applications
A comprehensive coverage of electronic materials with many practical examples and solved problems. Clear Illustrations and numerous photos.
A complete Solutions Manual in color for instructors.  A complete course in Power Point (1300 slides)

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Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices, 4th Edition

2018 McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN10: 0078028183  ISBN13: 9780078028182
978 Pages

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The Fourth  Edition of Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices is a totally  revised and updated edition that has new topics, more sections, more explanations, more illustrations, more photos, more solved problems and worked examples, more home work problems, numerous practical applications.

The Fourth Edition continues to be an introductory up-to-date textbook in electronic materials devices suitable for a half or one semester course at the undergraduate level in electrical engineering, materials science, engineering physics, physics and chemistry departments.

The principles are developed with the minimum of mathematics and with the emphasis on physical concepts. Just about every concept has a clear illustration to aid learning. There are numerous solved problems and worked examples to relate the concepts to practical devices or applications. Illustrations have been specially drawn to convey the concepts as clearly as possible. Numerous photos are included, some historical to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible. The margins have equation names to locate equations and sections quickly. Each chapter-end has a list of defining terms where important terms are clearly defined. Cross-referencing has been minimized not only to avoid flipping pages back and forwards but to allow the instructor to cover chapters, or only certain sections, in the most convenient way; and not necessarily in the textbook sequence. More challenging problems or those that require additional math skills have been marked with an asterisk.

The Solutions Manual is in Word, so that instructors can actually modify the problems or change the quantities as they wish. The Instructor Power Point has all the illustrations in the book in color, has the photos, has numerous additional illustrations, explanations and most of the equations in the textbook.

Although written for undergraduate students, it can also be used at the graduate level as an introductory course by including some of the additional topics. It assumes that the students have covered calculus, differentiation and integration, and complex numbers.

Pages Figures and Photos Solved Problems and Worked Examples Home Work Assignments Student Supplement Instructor Power Point Instructor Solutions Manual
978 655 227 346 1. Solved Problems, Worked Examples, Selected Topics and Color Illustrated Dictionary (220 pages)
All figures in the textbook large and in color in PDF
1319 slides (full color) 644 pages (in color)

Author's Preface (PDF)
Preface from the textbook, and changes in the 4th edition

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1. PDF of all figures in the book in color

2. Student Supplement (Table of Contents)

Part Content

Solved Problems and Worked Examples
Detailed explanations with color diagrams, and with all calculations shown.


Selected Topics
Useful topics with color diagrams to supplement the textbook


A Dictionary of Electronic Materials and Devices: Useful Terms
Definitions and explanations of numerous terms with color diagrams

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